Super Bowl Sunday is not just about a football game. While many people (myself included) will say that crowning the National Football League champion is the chief purpose of the day, that’s not the only reason why billions of people who didn’t catch a single second of the regular season will tune in to watch the Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday.


For many, the main attraction isn’t the game—it’s the commercials, the halftime show, the pageantry and, of course, the food. With this diversity of interests in mind, here are a few eBooks to help your patrons prepare for Super Bowl Sunday.


For Foodies

Raichlen’s Tailgating!: 31 Righteous Recipes for On-the-Go Grilling” by Steven Raichlen

Every Sunday of the NFL season, tailgaters around the United States enjoy perfectly grilled meats, whether it’s 75 degrees or 10 below outside. As tailgate season comes to a close, allow yourself one last unhealthy (and delicious!) grilled sensation—try one of Steve Raichlen’s award-winning recipes. These meaty dishes are sure to keep your friends full and happy!


 For Economists

The Billion Dollar Game: Behind the Scenes of the Greatest Day In American Sport—Super Bowl Sunday” by Allen St. John

As I mentioned, Super Bowl Sunday isn’t just about the competition on the field. The Billion Dollar Game” provides a detailed accounting of the massive amount of money that goes into staging the Big Game. St. John describes the elaborate process by which everything from commercials to halftime performances to state-of-the-art stadiums come together to create an evening of real, live drama for the world to experience every year.


For Gamblers

Lay the Favorite: A Memoir of Gambling” by Beth Raymer

There’s another part to Super Bowl Sunday that involves literally billions of dollars—gambling. These days, people will bet on anything, from the winner to the score to whether the coin flip will land heads or tails.  While you may not be the gambling type, the stories of those who are can be wildly entertaining, perhaps none more so than Beth Raymer’s. In “Lay the Favorite,” she shares her thrill-ride life story. Whether you’ve never heard of a spread or you consider yourself a “wise guy,” this book will reveal the fascinating undercurrents flowing beneath Sunday’s game.


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Adam Sockel is a Marketing Specialist at OverDrive




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