One of the best ways to promote your digital collection is through a channel you already use to connect with your patrons: email. It’s a direct, easy, and effective means of raising awareness and generating interest.


While many of your patrons already use your digital collection, it’s important to remember that others may not know about all the great digital content your library has to offer. Perhaps they only recently signed up for a library card, or they rarely visit the physical branch, where they’d  be likely to notice your smart guides, bookmarks or other in-library promotions. For these users, a great way to connect is to reach out via email.


With that in mind, we’ve created this email template for you to use. All you have to do is paste this image into the body of an email, add a hyperlink to your OverDrive-powered website, and send to your patron email list. The email provides a direct link to your digital collection and enables you to reach all your patrons, whether they’re first-time users or eBook veterans.


Using email to connect with patrons also creates the possibility that they’ll share this message with friends and family, opening your library’s virtual doors to even more new users.


As a reminder, you can always find useful marketing tools on the online marketing kit, or you can contact us at to get help with any marketing and outreach campaigns you may have in mind.


Adam Sockel is a Marketing Specialist at OverDrive.


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