Over the next few weeks, holiday shopping will be in full swing. Hot gifts this year will be tablets and eReaders. Make sure your library is recognized as a resource for helping folks find the perfect device while promoting your digital collection at the same time.


Holiday Device Showcase

Also known as a Gadget Gallery or a Device Petting Zoo, the Holiday Device Showcase is a great way for users to try out popular devices they might want to give (or get) as a gift. If your library has the funds to purchase some of the latest devices, the showcase could be a temporary exhibit at the library. Or it could be an event where you can reach out to a local retailer, like Best Buy, to see if they would be interested in attending and bringing some devices.


For this holiday season, we’ve created a Facebook size graphic and poster to help you promote the Holiday Device Showcase at your library. Be sure to also have some Getting Started Guides on hand to answer basic questions about how your digital collection works.


Test Drive

It’s a good idea to test drive a car before you buy it. Give your community that same opportunity with tablets and eReaders with OverDrive Test Drive.  Users can borrow a Test Drive device from your library to download eBooks and audiobooks from your digital collection. When the device is returned, our guidelines will help you reset it for the next user.


Keep a look out for parts two and three of our suggested holiday events!


Cassie Renner is a Marketing Specialist with OverDrive


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