One of the many advantages of your digital collection is that users have access to those titles even when the library doors are closed. Remind your community about your digital collection at those times with a quick Facebook post or tweet. We have created a whole suite of social media images that you can use this holiday season (or anytime). Pick and choose the ones you would like to use and be sure to include information about your digital collection in the description.


You can schedule your Facebook posts in advance so you can take it easy on your day off. These images are also the appropriate size to use for Twitter and Pinterest too.


A full set of Holiday and other social media images can be found in the Social Media section of the Partner Portal. If you aren’t already following OverDrive on Facebook, we recommend you “Like” us for more images like these regularly.


In addition to the social media images, don’t forget about the print-ready holiday promotional flyers that you can hang around your library and community.


Cassie Renner is a Marketing Specialist with OverDrive


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