Who reads eBooks? You may be surprised…

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Cindy Orr takes a look at eBook consumers in her monthly post. Experts say that 2010 will be a transformative year for technology. They’re buzzing about eBooks and eBook readers. Here’s why: Sales of eBooks skyrocketed in 2009, up 176.6% from 2008. eBook readers are proliferating. Sony Reader was first, but it wasn’t until the Kindle… Read more »

The After Hours Library Site

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Cindy Orr, in her monthly blog post, envisions a library website that can better serve users when the buildings are closed. Since I no longer work in an actual library building, it’s sometimes easier for me to think about services from the point of view of a customer than it was when I was actually physically… Read more »

February is Library Lovers’ Month!

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We would like to thank all of our library partners for choosing OverDrive as your digital media partner. We are certainly part of the crowd of Library Lovers! As you build your Library Lovers campaign this month, please remember to include information about your digital audiobooks, eBooks, music, and video. As Dan shared earlier this week,… Read more »

The Patron Activity chart

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Thus far, we’ve learned quite a bit of information on how to utilize Content Reserve Reports, such as how to monitor circulation activity and watch new patron registrations soar through the roof. This month, our focus is on the ‘Patron Activity Chart’, which is the most detailed report of patron borrowing habits. Although we won’t… Read more »

Your ‘Virtual Branch’ is open 24/7 365

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If your library is planning to close during the holidays, your OverDrive ‘Virtual Branch’ will still be open! Let your patrons know that if they can’t wait until the New Year for their next book, they don’t have to. Even while the library is closed, users can still browse your download collection, check out with their… Read more »

Promote your service with a ‘Most Downloaded’ press release

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You may have seen our most downloaded books from the library list, which is distributed at the beginning of every month. The list of audiobook and eBook titles is based on the circulation statistics from all OverDrive library partners. The list for November will be released on December 1st. Each month, your library’s Partner Services Associate distributes a press release template for… Read more »