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Have you ever wondered about the activity of your download collection with OverDrive: overall checkouts, subject circulation, number of users, etc.?  If so, you’re in luck. This information and more are available online using Content Reserve reports. With more than a dozen useful real-time reports, you can track your library’s or consortium’s circulation and other performance data.

This post begins a series of entries, in which each month we will share basic information and tips for useful review of a spotlight report in Content Reserve. These reports are helpful for collection development, marketing, and administrative efforts.

The first report to highlight is the ‘Activity Chart’:

The ‘Activity Chart’ allows you to view checkout activity by day, month, publisher, format, title, and subject. For those of you participating in a system or consortium, this report (and others) can be broken down by member or branch library. This is the best report to evaluate daily or monthly circulation statistics, and can also be used to evaluate the results of a promotional campaign.

Tips for generating statistics using the ‘Activity Chart’:

1) For administrators: Run the report using ‘Checkouts by Month’ to evaluate overall circulation.
2) For selectors: Run the report using ‘Checkouts by Subject’ to get detailed insight for collection development (see example above). You may also compare this report to the ‘Turnover Rate Chart’ to learn if you are meeting patron demand.
3) For marketing staff: Run the report using ‘Checkouts by Month’ on a quarterly schedule to view the results of a promotional campaign. If your library hosted an event, you may choose to evaluate ‘Checkouts by Day’ to see immediate results.

To view the ‘Activity Chart’ and other reports in Content Reserve, contact the Library Coordinator for your OverDrive download service to request a login ID and password. If you have general questions regarding reports, please comment below or email Don’t forget that we offer free, online training for all aspects of your download service, including reports, so let us know if you’re interested.

Stay tuned next month for an overview of the ‘Traffic Report’!

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