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Welcome back to our monthly posts on ‘Real Time Reports.’ Today we’re focusing on the importance of monitoring your ‘Current Waiting List’ and comparing that information to your ‘Waiting List History’ in Content Reserve. How many of you see titles such as ‘Twilight’, ‘Alex Cross’s Trial’, and many others continue to be on your waitlist? If so, keep reading!

The ‘Current Waiting List’ report allows you to view the copy to hold ratio for each title on hold. A great feature of this report – it can be broken down by branch. As a selector, this report can help keep track of your most requested titles so you can fill holds, and keep patrons coming back.

In addition to monitoring the ‘Current Waiting List’ report, it’s imperative to compare that information to your ‘Waiting List History’. This report is available for review by day, month, publisher, format, title, subject, and also by branch. The information generated here will give you the best insight as to what titles have been in demand for a long time. This information is then helpful in making future purchases.

Collection Development Tip: Create a Holds Manager Plan

What is Holds Manager?
An automated way to fill digital holds.

Why sign up?
No searching or running reports.
Holds Manager does the math for you.
You can tailor a plan to your budget needs and holds ratio policy.

How do we get started?
In ‘Marketplace’ go to the ‘Quick Links’ box, and select ‘Holds Manager’, or contact our collection development team at collectionteam@overdrive.com.

To view the ‘Current Waiting List’, ‘Waiting List History’, and other reports in Content Reserve, contact the Library Coordinator for your OverDrive download service to request a login ID and password. If you have general questions regarding reports, please comment below or email partnerservices@overdrive.com. Don’t forget that we offer free, online training for all aspects of your download service, including Reports, so let us know if you’re interested.

Stay tuned next month for an overview of the ‘Digital Library Statistics’ report!

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