Find ideas for engaging students with eBooks in our “School Online Marketing Kit.”

A bell rings through the halls, reminding students to get to class. Lockers slam shut as students power-walk through the halls. There’s no mistaking this familiar scene. School is back in session around the world, and students are once again opening their (e)books and pulling out their laptops and devices.


Earlier this week, Bailey Hotujac spotlighted all the wonderful “Back to School” discounts we’re offering on eBooks and audiobooks. But that’s only part of the puzzle. No matter how well stocked your school’s digital collection may be, if students aren’t aware of the resources available, how can they check out these great titles?


That’s where I come in. In addition to the promotional materials you’ll find in our School Online Marketing Kit, I’d like to share some ideas for reaching out to students, parents and faculty.

  • Create a competition to see which class can check out and read the most eBooks in a semester. Have students track the titles they read, and at the end of the contest, give the winners a prize such as early dismissal or a pizza party.
  • Purchase Maximum Access eBooks or use your Project Gutenberg titles to create an “eBook of the Month” Digital Book Club, focusing on single title every student can read simultaneously. You can even engage your students through Facebook, providing them with a discussion board to chat about the title.
  • During your next open house, appoint a student helper to host an OverDrive station in order to explain the service to parents and faculty. Provide the “Letter to the Community” from the Student Outreach tab of the School Online Marketing Kit and the “eBook How-To Guide” as takeaway materials for additional information.
  • Place an OverDrive graphic with the tagline “Check out eBooks for free anytime, anywhere!” in programs for sporting events, theatre productions and any other events your school hosts.
  • Use the additional outreach templates on the School Online Marketing Kit, such as the “Morning Announcement” and “Newsletter” templates.


For more outreach ideas, be sure to check out the Monthly Marketing Newsletter Archive as well as the Education Evolution training module, which is available as a part of our 2012 Training Month. Or you can simply email me.
Welcome back to school!


Adam Sockel is a Marketing & Outreach Specialist at OverDrive.

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