When it comes to required reading, more and more colleges and universities are going the electronic route. A recent study by edudemic.com revealed that 60 percent of students who bought eBooks said that some of them were required course material. Many professors aren’t even offering a physical book option anymore.


There are several reasons for the shift toward digital: eBooks are more environmentally sound; they save money, both for students and institutions; and, compared to a backpack full of textbooks, it’s a lot easier to carry around your coursework on a well-stocked eReader! Print books aren’t going away, but eBooks have arrived on campus, and students continuing their education beyond high school will need to be comfortable reading in digital formats. 


With OverDrive’s eBook-lending library for schools, students can engage with the technology they’ll be using in college and beyond. Whether they’re devouring the latest fiction craze, poring over the classics for a book report, learning a new language, or consulting an educational eBook for a research assignment, students using your school’s OverDrive library are preparing themselves for the road ahead.


Learn how to launch an eBook-lending library for your school.


Adam Sockel is a Marketing & Outreach Specialist at OverDrive.

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