Test Drive, the eBook device lending program OverDrive introduced for public libraries last fall, is now available to schools, as well. This great program provides support for schools looking to lend eBook reading devices to students who may not already have access to such devices.  We’ve compiled a list of Test Drive-approved devices, and schools can choose which devices to purchase for their program. We also provide best practices, tool kits and marketing ideas to help schools spread the word about Test Drive.


Offering Test Drive is a great way for schools to raise awareness about their  eBook collections amongst faculty, staff and students. Schools can use Test Drive to demonstrate their OverDrive service to faculty during in-service days and to parents during open house events. Perhaps the most important feature of Test Drive, though, is that the program helps schools provide access to digital content for all students—even those who may not have their own eBook device or computer.


Now’s the perfect time for schools to promote their OverDrive service, since many students may receive tablets or smartphones as gifts over the holidays. And by adding Test Drive, schools can ensure that all students have access to their eBook collection, whether they own an eReader or not! See our online marketing kit for schools for promotional ideas, and stay tuned for school-specific Test Drive promo materials, coming soon.


Adam Sockel is a Marketing Specialist at OverDrive



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