In early August we announced the rollout of OverDrive’s new Digital Library for schools. A number of features have been added to the improved interface including updated help materials, visual theme options and expanded title information. Perhaps the most exciting addition, however, is the search metadata now available to users.



Students, teachers and parents alike can now use ATOS and Lexile scores to locate titles based on reading level and difficulty. This opens up endless possibilities for students to not only find titles to read based on their reading levels but it also provides them with a road map for what titles to read next. For schools that use the Accelerated Reader (AR) program having the ATOS scores available on the title page eliminates the need for students to have multiple screens open to compare OverDrive titles and AR scores. Students are also provided with recommended titles based on the information pages they’re looking at.


Parents and teachers can now get involved in their students reading habits more easily as well. They can quickly see the reading level their students are currently at and make sure they are being challenged by the titles they’re selecting. Additionally, they can recommend other titles in the student’s reading range.  This will keep the students engaged with the materials and get them reading both in the classroom and at home.


Another group who will benefit from the metadata enhancements is the staff members who select what titles are added to your digital collection. Selectors can use the reports in Marketplace to see what titles are being checked out the most and then purchase new books that fall into similar ATOS and Lexile ranges. This new search metadata provides deeper engagement with your students by enabling them to spend less time searching for a title and more time actually reading!


Adam Sockel is a Marketing Communications Specialist with OverDrive


2 Responses to “School Digital Library search metadata”

  1. Julie Bradford

    This is great for the schools! I looked on our public library site and couldn’t find it on our version??? We often have students asking for certain lexile-leveled books. Can Public libraries opt in for this metadata, too?

    • Adam Sockel

      HI Julie- They sure can! They just have to contact their Account Specialist!