OverDrive Sponsors Edutopia Giveaway for Schools

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The George Lucas Educational Foundation and its affiliated website, Edutopia, are committed to transforming the learning process. And here at OverDrive, we believe that bringing eBooks and audiobooks to school libraries plays a vital role in this transformation. That’s why we’re proud to sponsor this week’s Edutopia Giveaway. Through June 4, we’re encouraging K-12 school… Read more »

SDL Best Practices: A New Tool For Schools

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The No. 1 question I receive from library partners is, “How do I increase my circulation and get the word out about our OverDrive service?” Depending on what type of marketing campaign a library wants to run, there are many answers to this question, but there’s one place to start—our Best Practices Handbook. The Handbook… Read more »

Keeping Students engaged with your School Download Library- Part 1

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Public libraries’ and school libraries’ audiences vary completely.  Public libraries have an audience that is captive, one in which patrons come to the library specifically to use the resources available to them.  Public libraries don’t ever have to convince their patrons to read, it’s just a matter of getting them the materials in a convenient… Read more »

Back to School: An OverDrive Lesson Plan

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School buses and crossing guards.  The sounds of lockers slamming and school bells ringing.  Perhaps an apple sitting on a teacher’s desk.  Make no mistake about it, school is back in session.  These days most of the chalk boards and projectors have been replaced with Interactive White Boards, and, in some cases, those heavy book… Read more »

OverDrive now offers school-specific training: Education Evolution

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A new training has been made available on the OverDrive Learning Center specifically for our school partners.  This training, called Education Evolution, can be found under the ‘View Now’ tab at the Learning Center.  This short recording will offer ways for teachers and staff to use your OverDrive-powered digital collection in the classroom to supplement… Read more »