Sony Library Finder

Sony ReaderDid you hear the news? Sony held a major press conference this morning at New York Public Library announcing a new Library Finder powered by OverDrive. This means you’ll see increased traffic to your download website from Sony Reader owners looking for free PDF and EPUB eBook downloads. Sony also announced its first wireless Sony Reader (more on that once we get our hands on it) and lower priced Sony Reader units that will be compatible with your library’s download service.

All this comes on the heels of Sony’s recent announcement that it will offer EPUB eBooks in its online store, giving the open standard for eBooks a big boost. More publishers and retailers are committing to the EPUB standard for eBooks meaning it’ll be the only format you’ll need in the future.

Pretty cool, huh?

9 Responses to “Sony announces Library Finder for the Sony Reader”

  1. Ann Weaver

    IWould like to add a Sony reader to our techie sandbox…We bring a MP3, ipod with us and do a show andtell for the staff ( and offer patron workshops) them Could you tell me if: A discounted price is available? What model would be the best to purchases for this purpose? Do you have a contact at sonny that I could work with to get the best price and become familiar with the process?

  2. Daniel Stasiewski

    Ann, right now we don’t have Sony Reader in our Gear2Go program. However you can find the latest Sony Reader models available for purchase here:

    Both these new models have the same specs as the previous models and should work with eBooks from your library.

  3. Linda Hart

    I agree with Ann–we need to be at least one step ahead of patrons, which means that we need Sony Readers to play with. How about it, OverDrive?

  4. Max Rowe

    I work with Ann and would like to know if any of the Sony E-readers work for sure with the E-books that you provide us.

  5. Daniel Stasiewski

    Max, the Adobe PDF eBooks from your library will work with the Sony Reader PRS-505 and PRS-700. We don’t expect any problems with new Pocket Edition and Touch Edition when they are shipped.

  6. Daniel Stasiewski

    That’s true Linda. With the current Adobe and Sony Reader software, patrons will need to transfer library eBooks in one format at a time from their PC to the Reader. All eBooks used with the Reader are saved on the patron’s PC, so they can easily be transferred for the entirety of the lending period. For "unprotected" PDFs and EPUB from other sources, however, there’s no issue. Be on the lookout for a full post regarding the ins and outs of using the Sony Reader with the service soon.