Twitter and Facebook Sharing Features

I remember when I first signed up for Facebook in college to connect with friends and post pictures… little did I know I would be using it in my career as well.

It’s become one of the most popular means of communication: social networking. To allow for an even more interactive experience of your library’s ‘Virtual Branch’ download website, OverDrive has announced a new ‘share’ functionality with social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

At sites where this feature is currently offered, including New York Public Library and Lee County Library System, users can post details about a title to Facebook and Twitter, including a brief description of a title, cover art, the URL to the titles details page at the library site, and a personal comment.

Other libraries currently offering this new feature include:

Cuyahoga County Public Library
Oregon’s Library2Go
Sno-Isle Libraries

If you want this feature on your library’s download website, please contact Partner Services,, for more information.

What digital title will you post and tweet about?

2 Responses to “Facebook and Twitter sharing features now available”

  1. cynthia k

    Lisa, do you have a specific title or url that i can visit within some of these libraries you mention? I’d like to take a closer look! Thx.