We are excited to announce the release of OverDrive Download Station v3.2, scheduled for September 30!

With the new version, users can transfer most OverDrive WMA Audiobooks to Apple devices such as the iPod, iPhone, and iPod touch. Additionally, now that iTunes 9 is available, iPod shuffle users can transfer audiobooks to their devices using Download Station.

If your library offers Download Station, please note the following timeline:

1) OverDrive will make OverDrive Download Station v3.2 available on September 30. Your Project Manager will email you with information on downloading this release.
2) We will refresh the Download Station version of library sites on October 14, including…

  • Refresh of Help page copy to support the transfer of most OverDrive WMA Audiobook titles to Apple devices through OverDrive Download Station v3.2.
  • Update of Title Details page for OverDrive WMA Audiobooks that can be transferred to Apple devices, to make it clear to users which titles can and cannot be transferred to Apple devices. The ‘iPod’ icon in the ‘Plays on’ section of the screen will be enabled where this support exists, and the alt text on this icon will indicate that the title can be transferred to Apple devices from Download Station PCs. The ‘Digital Rights Information’ section of this page will clearly state whether this permission is in place for the title.

3) Be sure that your library installs the latest version of OverDrive Download Station on or before October 14.

For more information, check Content Reserve Critical Alerts.

What is OverDrive Download Station?
OverDrive Download Station is software that enables a public PC with Internet access to become a self-service OverDrive Media download kiosk. Make it easy for users to download and transfer best-selling audiobooks and music titles directly to their compatible devices! If you do not currently have OverDrive Download Station and would like more information on this software, please contact your Business Development Representative.

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