OverDrive Advantage

We just launched a powerful new tool that enables libraries to meet the growing demand for digital content, OverDrive Advantage. OverDrive Advantage allows member libraries of a shared system to create a custom collection for their community within the existing download website while maintaining access to the shared collection. Whether you want additional copies of a popular title or a specialized collection that a consortium does not own, you can add content from our catalog of 200,000 digital media titles.

Is your library ready to become an Advantage library? Below are the four W’s of OverDrive Advantage to help you decide:

What: OverDrive Advantage allows libraries that are part of an OverDrive-powered shared collection to create a custom collection of digital media titles exclusively for their patrons within the existing shared download website.

Who: Any library that is currently part of an OverDrive-powered shared collection can become an Advantage library.

Why: Greater access to more content. Less wait time and more choices for Advantage library patrons!

Where: OverDrive Advantage is live at Ramapo Catskill Library System in New York, where the Western Sullivan Library purchased an additional copy of The Lost Symbol only for its patrons. Two libraries that are part of the My Media Mall shared collection in Illinois are giving their patrons greater access with a custom collection, too. Highland Park Public Library chose to add the title No Impact Man, which My Media Mall did not own. And the Urbana Free Library chose an MP3 Audiobook, Classic Women’s Short Stories, for its patrons.

Interested in becoming an Advantage library? Email us for more information on how to sign up.

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