Open Library

Internet Archive recently announced that it has integrated digital lending into its Open Library. Part of that update includes cataloging all the PDF and EPUB eBook titles currently available at OverDrive-powered library websites and linking to the title page on OverDrive Search.  (As we outlined in a previous post, users can easily find a local library where the title is available from there.)

Right now Open Library is integrating 70,000 eBooks that are live in libraries’ digital catalogs. If any library partner purchases an eBook that hasn’t been purchased before, that title will be listed on Open Library’s database as well. With more than 200,000 PDF and EPUB eBooks available in our catalog, there’s plenty of room for the partnership to expand.

How does this help you? Well, the Internet Archive partnership will increase the discoverability of your library’s download website. In fact, the site is already the second highest referrer to OverDrive Search.

The Open Library project isn’t just limited to OverDrive’s catalog though. If you want to read more about the latest enhancements to Open Library, here are a few great news links:

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