At OverDrive, we’re continuously enhancing digital services for libraries. With many new features, apps, and licensing models currently in development, it is essential that we gather regular input from our library partners. While we have always done so in the past, today we are announcing a new avenue for collecting information: the OverDrive Library Advisory Council.

The OverDrive Library Advisory Council is designed to solicit feedback and advice on all aspects of the OverDrive services, from content acquisition to the software and features that we offer. Within the Advisory Council, we have formed five individual task forces, made up of librarians who regularly work with the OverDrive service, as well as OverDrive team members. Each task force will focus on a specific topic, including:

  • Content & Licensing: Developing new content models and prioritizing the acquisition of digital content.
  • User Interface / Experience: Enhancing help tools, applications, and accessibility features.
  • Software / Devices: Expanding device compatibility and improving software performance across platforms.
  • Revenue Models: Generating revenue from new and existing services to help develop a robust selection of digital content.
  • Customer Support: Accelerating response through front line support services and improved staff training.

We know that becoming an online connection point for library patrons is essential in our digital world.  That’s why we added free eBook collections from Project Gutenberg to ‘Virtual Branch’ websites and have plans to integrate online content, such as Disney Digital Books. That’s also why our developers are working furiously on eBook apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad, as well as a new search wizard for ‘Virtual Branch’ websites.

All of OverDrive’s features and services were inspired by our innovative library partners. The OverDrive Library Advisory Council will carry on that tradition so we can continue developing services for 21st century libraries.

Dan Stasiewski is a marketing associate for OverDrive.

4 Responses to “Announcing the OverDrive Library Advisory Council”

  1. Ian MacIntosh

    Hi OverDrive,
    Still waiting for access to Project Gutenberg through OverDrive here in Canada. Can you let us know what is the holdup? Thanks.