OverDrive’s Project Gutenberg eBook collection, featuring over 15,000 EPUB titles that are free to your library and to your customers, is out of beta and available on more than 125 ‘Virtual Branch’ websites. Since we launched this feature in August, library customers have downloaded 100,000 eBooks from the collection. That’s great news for all libraries with these free EPUB eBooks because each download can count as a circulation for your library, even though no authentication is needed to access these ‘always available’ titles.

How do you find those download numbers? Now that the Project Gutenberg eBook collection is out of beta, full reporting functionality is available through your Content Reserve account.

To view the “Gutenberg Report”:

  1. Log in to your Content Reserve account
  2. Click on “Reports”
  3. Then click on “View Gutenberg Activity Charts”

You will be able to view the number of the Project Gutenberg eBooks that have been downloaded by day, month, title, or subject. When you put together an annual report of total download circulation, be sure to include the Project Gutenberg numbers so that you can show just how many customers are coming to your library for digital books.

The Project Gutenberg collection is available to US and UK libraries with an existing EPUB or PDF eBook collection. If your library doesn’t have this free collection yet, email partnerservices@overdrive.com to get in the update queue.

Dan Stasiewski is a marketing associate for OverDrive.

3 Responses to “Library customers download 100,000 Project Gutenberg eBooks”

    • Dan Stasiewski

      Hi Bob, we don’t have a date for availability in Canada yet. As soon as we have any additional information we’ll post about it here.

  1. Marina

    Hello Dan,

    We, librarians of American International schools, too are waiting for eBooks from the OverDrive collection being available overseas. Will it ever happen?