Traffic at 'Virtual Branch' websites - Nov. 26-Dec. 27

If you need any evidence of the popularity of eBooks in the library, all you need to do is look at what happened over the past week. Despite some issues caused by a surge in activity, traffic, checkouts, and new user registration records were smashed over the Christmas holiday–all thanks to eBooks.

For the first time ever, eBooks out-circulated audiobooks at libraries’ ‘Virtual Branch’ websites. Audiobooks are still very popular and increasing in circulation, but this momentum for eBook downloads shows that the format has gone mainstream at libraries.

Library eBook circulation has steadily grown over the past month, starting on Nov. 26, the day after the US Thanksgiving holiday. (Like Christmas, many people had new devices, thanks to Black Friday deals, plus they had time to use them.)

To show you what happened in one month, we’ve compared usage from Nov. 26-28 (around US Thanksgiving) to Dec. 25-27 (around Christmas).

  • eBook checkouts increased a staggering 93%
  • Visits to ‘Virtual Branch’ websites were up 60%
  • Pageviews were up nearly 70%

Needless to say, Christmas and the days following were the three biggest for library downloads ever. As a whole, 2010 was even more impressive. We’ll have the full stats for 2010 coming next week, so stay tuned.

Dan Stasiewski is a marketing associate for OverDrive.

2 Responses to “Traffic and eBook checkout records SMASHED over Christmas holiday”

  1. Sarah Poole

    I know we here at Charlotte Mecklenburg Library have been promoting download materials from Overdrive heavily. So many patrons have new tablet devices, smart phones and e-readers. Everyone wants to know “Will library downloads work with my brand new _______?”

    Right downloads are featured prominently on our web site, and it’s the most frequently clicked-on link in our mid-December e-news. We’re also promoting it through Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for providing the interesting stats.

  2. Merribeth Advocate

    Our Barnes & Noble stores have really helped our libraries by getting people hooked up with the Nook this holiday season. They demonstrated the Nook at a big library meeting so staff knew how it worked. Then when the store staff was talking to customers about Nooks they said “this is the one that works with the library content”. How exciting, and refreshing, that they are considering libraries a partner in this rather than a competitor..