OverDrive and our library partners have experienced tremendous growth in the past two months. It’s true: More people are downloading eBooks and more from the library than ever before. Due to this increased usage, many of our public, school, and college library partners have received more questions about the service from first-time patrons. (What software do I need? How do I authorize my device?) We also know that when a returning user gets a new device, there may be additional questions.

To make it easier for users to get the answers they need about the devices they own, we’re rolling out My Help beta on all ‘Virtual Branch’ websites over the next week. My Help provides information for getting started and assistance for a user’s specific computer or device.

Users first encounter My Help when they visit your library’s ‘Virtual Branch’ homepage. A My Help image appears in a column on your site, and looks like this:

When users click on the image, the My Help wizard launches, and users are asked a simple question: “What do you want to do?”

If users want to “Read an eBook” they can click on the eBook icon. If they want to “Listen to an audiobook,” they click on the audiobook icon, and so on. The My Help wizard then asks another question: “What do you have?”

Users can select the computer or device that they primarily use for library downloads, including Windows PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, NOOK and Sony Reader.

The final screen prompts the user to “View My Help,” which opens a new browser window with helpful information, including required software; supported formats; instructions for the browse, check out and download process; and answers to common questions.

Each My Help wizard reflects the formats that are available on a library’s website. If your library offers eBooks, audiobooks, music and video, then all four formats appear in the “What do you want to do?” screen. If you only offer eBooks and audiobooks, then the selection is limited to those formats.

So how do you get My Help? Just sit back and relax because your library’s ‘Virtual Branch’ websites will have My Help beta by March 1.

If you want to see it in action today, visit eNYPL and click on the My Help image.

Dan Stasiewski is a marketing associate for OverDrive.

11 Responses to “My Help: Customized assistance for library users”

  1. Stacy Schrank

    Dan, This is so exciting – Exactly what we have been wanting for our staff and customers!! Any idea when this will be active on our virtual branch for the Metropolitan Library System (OK)? Appreciate the whole OverDrive family!! Stacy

  2. Liz Boston

    Yay! My library has it on our Overdrive webpage today. This is just what we’ve been hoping for, something that gives info based on what device(s) they have and whether they want to listen or read a book. Thank you for creating this, we will be using it with patrons right away.

  3. Linda

    Off topic, but the Christchurch City Libraries web site is up today. Sounds like the main library is OK although all libraries are closed. They’re an OverDrive library.

  4. Lori

    Really like the new My Help! Very clean and straightforward.

  5. Ellen Knowlton

    This is a great addition to your already-effective help pages. I can’t wait to show this to the attendees at our next eBook/eReader training session in April! I also appreciate other handouts you have produced that we can print and distribute to the perpetually-puzzled.

  6. Alexis

    We still don’t have it on our site. In the blog post it indicated that no set-up was needed on our part but is there someone I should contact to get this happening? I think this would be very useful for our patrons.

    • Dan Stasiewski

      Hi Alexis, if you contact the head of the Manitoba libraries consortium and let them know you want it added, they can work with our team here.

  7. Donna Drissler

    Can audiobooks be borrowed to Kindles or will it be available at some point in the future?

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hi Donna, audiobooks from the library are not compatible with the Kindle at this time. -Brianne