The days of having to dig your library card out when you’re trying to download an eBook at the doctor’s office (or park, or airport terminal, or a bar mitzvah) are over. With the latest update to OverDrive-powered mobile sites, users will have the option for their devices to store their library card numbers.

Starting now, when customers check out a title, the device will have a box where they can check “Remember me on this device.” The device will then hold the characters in its memory for 90 days after each use. This is an optional service. If a library requires a pin, it will still be required to check out titles.

This update is a part of OverDrive WIN, a series of platform enhancements that will streamline user experience and provide access to more content. Check back to see more enhancements to your service.

Brianne Carlon is a public relations specialist at OverDrive.

22 Responses to “Mobile sites now remember your library card number on your device”

  1. Michelle

    I’ve been using my Android app for months now and it always remembered my card number and PIN, but appreciate the updates. I do wish I had more options in browsing, like browsing recently returned items, or just items that are available. Our collection is so popular that it can take 15 minutes just to find something that is not checked out. 🙂

  2. Eileen Chandler

    This is a great improvement – I noticed it on my iPad a couple of days ago and it just made my day! Patrons will be pleased. Thank you!

  3. Matthew Dickinson

    The Overdrive app lists the wrong sites for some libraries.

    The libraries in Essex County, Ontario link to the Essex County UK site instead of the correct site

    • Brianne Carlon

      Sorry for the difficulty! I will send this along to our app team.

    • Brianne Carlon

      Matthew-What device are you using. We have tested Apple products and they all go to the correct sites.

  4. Janet Martin

    One problem I have with accessing my OverDrive account on my iPhone is that only MP3 audio and ePub ebooks are displayed. I fully understand that those are the only formats I can use on my iPhone, but I had previously been using my phone to remotely manage my account–which includes audio and ebook material used for WMA and PDF formats as well, ie items transfered to a non Apple ereader and WMA/MP3 player.

  5. Pat

    Funny, the app forgets my library password on the iPhone and the iPad even though I have the “Remember me” box checked. A co-worker who uses a Droid phone said the same thing.

    • Brianne Carlon

      Pat, I will send this to our support team and they should be able to find a solution.

  6. Kathleen

    OverDrive mobile has been wonderful for the last few months. Since last Wed, however, I no longer have the option to download directly to my Android ereader, from any of my library accounts. What am I doing wrong?

  7. Nancy Lanard

    Since the upgrade to IOS 5, I can’t transfer audiobooks from Overdrive on my computer to the iPad. When will this be fixed? Thank you, Nancy

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hi Nancy, Regarding the issue of WMA files not showing up on an Apple device following the update to iOS 5, users can now update OverDrive Media Console for Windows ( to resolve the issue. Once you have transferred a WMA Audiobook to your device, a playlist will be created for the Audiobook. Please note that WMA Audiobooks will no longer be listed in ‘Audiobooks’ on your iOS5 device. This solution will work in the absence of a patch from Apple that would allow WMA titles to be named properly and stored under Audiobooks on a device using iOS5. -Brianne

  8. Mo

    Remembering my card number is awesome.
    I really wish we could return books early!

  9. Edwina Cameron

    My HTC Android phone will not hold my library card number more than about two days. I am constantly having to re-enter it and check the “remember me” box. This is a real pain! What is wrong and what can be done to fix this problem?

  10. Nancy

    I have been getting books from this site for over4 months but now I can’t seem to get my password to work And get my books. What do I get it to work? I have books to download And was wondering if there is somehow I can find my account number on here And see if maybe I put it in wrong and saved the wrong numbers?

  11. Anne

    How do you delete expired audio books from the iPhone? I have no problem transferring the books to the phone, but see no way to delete them once I’ve listened to them.

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hi Anne, you can simply swipe your finger across the title and a red ‘Delete’ button should show up. Press this to remove it from the phone; however this will not return it the library. Hope this helps. -Brianne

  12. Bill

    My ipad did remember library card number for awhile, but since I synched it with laptop, it no longer remembers, despite checking “remember”