Ever wonder how to install OMC on a Blackberry? Are you getting user questions about how to return an eBook? Well the new OverDrive Help makes it a whole lot easier to find those answers! The fully searchable website – now linked from the main Help page of each of your OverDrive-powered ‘virtual branch’ websites (English language sites first; bi-lingual sites to come) – contains hundreds of newly written Help articles available to you and your users.

From eBooks and audiobooks to music and video, OverDrive Help covers everything users need to get started and enjoy your OverDrive service. These image-rich articles contain screenshots, download links and links to related articles. Plus, each article can be printed, emailed or shared via Facebook, Twitter and other sites using the ‘Share this page’ button available at the top of most pages.

Each section of OverDrive Help is designed to help you and your users find what you’re looking for, no matter what method is preferred:

  • Search – Type in what you’re looking for to view articles that match your search terms.
  • Get Started With… – Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Sony Reader or whatever you have.
  • Most Popular Articles – This section shows the articles that are being read the most. Three are displayed on the homepage; click ‘view more…’ to see additional articles.
  • Recent Searches – This tag cloud shows you what other users are searching for.
  • Recently Added Articles – When new articles are added to OverDrive Help, they’ll show up here.

OverDrive Help replaces the FAQ that was formerly linked from your OverDrive-powered site at ‘Help.htm’. Going forward your ‘Help.htm’ page now contains links to OverDrive Help, the Device Resource Center, Digital Books Tour, Library Lending Policies and Support.

Early feedback on OverDrive Help

Before releasing OverDrive Help, we asked the experts (OverDrive Library Advisory Council) for feedback and here’s what they had to say:

  • 93% of library staff surveyed agree that OverDrive Help is an improvement over the existing FAQs.
  • 93% of library staff surveyed agree that the OverDrive Help website is clear, well-organized, and attractive.
    These same users think that the articles are clearly written and easy to understand.
  • “I love the new look and feel of OverDrive Help over the current help pages. I think the screenshots will be very helpful in illustrating what could take a thousand words.” – Ruth Ann Copley, Director of Davidson County Library System

We’re writing more articles all the time, so let us know what information you’d like to see next. For more information about the OverDrive Help website, please visit http://help.overdrive.com/about-overdrive-help.



4 Responses to “Announcing OverDrive Help: upgraded and updated!”

  1. Adam Button

    Yesterday I struggled mightly to find a fix for a Board member’s issue downloading an ePub book to his ASUS Android EE Transformer.

    After installing OMC forAndroid and authenticating Adobe ID, when we tried to download an eBook we got a long garbled error message that came from the build-in web-browser.

    The fix cam from Transformer Forums http://www.transformerforums.com/forum/asus-transformer-apps/2443-overdrive-media-console.html

    The new OverDrive help does look really good. But can you tell me if there is a section of OverDrive Help specifically for troubleshooting all these weird problems.

    Eventually I found a fix. Someone said I should download Opera. This did it. Apparently the stock ASUS Android web browser doesn’t like ePub or OverDrivePub.

    • David Burleigh

      Hi Adam – thank you for your comment and question. If you don’t find your answers at help.overdrive.com, you can email our support team at support@overdrive.com. ~David

  2. Christy

    These new Help features are a big improvement. Thank you! Are there plans to add information in the “Getting Started With” > “iPhone/iPad/iPod touch” section about how to download and transfer WMA audiobooks? A large percentage of our downloadable audiobook collections are in that format. I’m afraid that patrons who simply use the “Getting Started with” section to learn how to use OverDrive titles on their Internet-compatible Apple devices will not realize that they can access this format.