In January, we announced that we’d be changing to a web-based support system in order to streamline OverDrive support services for library staff. From now on, please submit support requests via the support form in Content Reserve. We will fully transition from email support beginning April 1.

The form is only accessible to Content Reserve account holders. If you need to create additional user accounts for library staff, please contact the Content Reserve administrator for your library or consortium. If you’re a Content Reserve administrator, please be cautious when creating new accounts and assigning permissions. The permission called ‘ST – Support Tab’ enables users to access the form.

So far, the new support system has received a positive response, with 90-percent of libraries reporting that they appreciate the ease of use and quick turnaround. Over the last two months, we have responded to your feedback and implemented the following enhancements:

  • Auto-populating the name and email address fields based on your Content Reserve login information
  • Adding optional fields for end-user’s name and email address
  • Removing the Firewall question
  • Expanding the list of Issue Categories
  • Guidance for attaching files
  • The Support tab is now compatible with the Safari browser for Mac users

Additionally, a forthcoming enhancement will reduce time and effort for library staff by updating the required fields based on the Issue Category selected.

Here are some best practices to assist you in the transition:

  • Prepare your staff to begin using the form as soon as possible, as email support will not be available after 3/31/2012.
  • When completing the form, provide as much detail as possible.

If you haven’t used the form, or have questions, consult our support reference guide.

If you have questions regarding the form, please submit a request via the form. Or contact your library’s Account Specialist at OverDrive. We also welcome feedback; email us at

Shannon Lichty is manager of library partner services for OverDrive.

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