After a successful three-month pilot working with The Library Corporation (TLC) and participating library partners, we’re delighted to announce that eBiblioFile MARC records are now available to all OverDrive libraries.

TLC delivers eBiblioFile MARC records within days of receiving a purchase order through Content Reserve. The full, ready-to-load, MARC records cost $1.00 (USD) per title; TLC also provides minimal records for a small percentage of unmatched titles at no charge. OverDrive will process monthly invoices for eBiblioFile MARC records and provide comprehensive reports in your Content Reserve account. For more information on eBiblioFile MARC records, please review the FAQ page.

To explore your MARC record options with OverDrive, simply log in to your Content Reserve account. Click on the Critical Alert for instructions, and then visit the new “MARC” tab, which outlines all current MARC record and Metadata options, including free, basic records via MARC Express and customizable records via OCLC. Select the option to “Complete the TLC web form,” and the form will prepopulate with your name, email and library. All you need to do is make edits, enter your phone number and click “Submit.”  OverDrive will then work with TLC to set up your MARC record delivery via eBiblioFile or the service you choose.  If you don’t have permissions to access the “MARC” tab, please contact your Content Reserve administrator.

If you have questions, please email TLC or contact your Account Specialist.

Heather Valentine-Gold is a Library Partner Services Account Associate at  OverDrive.

2 Responses to “MARC Records Options Expand With eBiblioFile”

  1. Diane Sideserf

    I really wish OverDrive would get all their records from TLC instead of OCLC. As librarians, we spend quite a bit of time making changes to OCLC records and the quality is just not what we need.

    • Michael Lovett

      Hi Diane- If your library would prefer to get all MARC records from TLC, you certainly can! When you sign up in Content Reserve to receive MARC records, you can choose between the two options (OCLC or eBiblioFile), and you’ll receive MARC records exclusively from the chosen vendor. So if you sign-up for TLC’s eBiblioFile, you’ll only receive MARC records from eBiblioFile. Best, Mike