One of our favorite trainers, Kara, gives us the rundown on the exciting new Live Chat feature available now for Training Month…

Me:  Good morning Siri, where am I?

Siri:  You are here [shows map].

Me:  Great, got coffee?

Siri:  There are a number of coffee shops in your area [shows map].

Me:  I love you …

Siri:  Oh stop.

While OverDrive may not be able to GPS your location or point you to your next hot cup of joe we can help you with everything you need for Training Month 2012 (September 5 – 28) with our new Live Chat service! It’s open now through September 28!

From our Online Learning Center hover over ‘Need Help?’ and click on Live Chat. Fill in a few simple questions and you’ll be connected to a live OverDrive Training Specialist. It’s quick, easy and now available.

With Live Chat we can help you register for Training Month’s live production, OverDrive’s Next Generation Digital Library, provide information for our ‘on demand’ courses and tell you how you can enter to win some stellar raffle prizes (stay tuned for spoilers).

Get these (and more) burning questions answered quickly by experts right at your fingertips. We’re standing by, so chat with us today!

Learn more about OverDrive Training Month 2012

Kara Tomaszewski is a Training Associate at OverDrive.

One Response to “Live Chat is now available through Training Month!”

  1. RZ

    Is this a sign of things to come? I would love to see live chat on our Virtual Branch website!