On Valentine’s Day of this year, we launched our redesigned—and much improved—Help page system. The new Help pages feature more solutions, include visual aids and videos, and incorporate a powerful search tool. OverDrive Help is just one of the areas in which we strive to offer the best service to libraries and their patrons.


The list of solutions available on OverDrive Help is ever-growing. We add new solutions every month, solving a common technical support issues or just answering frequently asked questions. From “Is my device compatible?” to “How do I reset the DRM on my computer?” to “How do I get started with OverDrive on my iPhone?” we have the answer. And if we don’t have it, we’ll get it!


Accessing OverDrive Help is as easy as clicking the “Help” link on your library’s OverDrive-powered website. (To find your library’s website, go to search.overdrive.com.)  From the Help index, clicking “OverDrive Help” will take you to the Help pages.  In addition to some general links based on formats, applications, devices and operations, you’ll also find links to our Device Resource Center, Digital Books Tour, videos, email support and a search field.


As opposed to the old, FAQ-style layout, the search function helps you get the specific help you need. The fewer words you use to search, the better your results will be. In most cases, you can pinpoint the solution  you need by entering just one or two search terms.


You can also browse for help by selecting a general topic from the “Browse” list near the top of the page, the “Getting Started With…” list, or an article from the “Most Popular Articles” list.


When you arrive at your desired article, you may notice the new screenshots (depending on the solution you are viewing).  These screenshots show you the steps you’ll need to take on your device. These added visual aids are a great resource, especially when the solutions involves several steps. We also have links within the articles to refer you to related solutions or additional steps.


Know someone else who has encountered the same issue? You can click the “Mail To” link to share the article.


To get to know the improved Help pages, we recommend you take advantage of the live webinars during Training Month. Also,  check out the On Demand module entitled “OverDrive Help,” located on the OverDrive Learning Center website. While you’re there, you can also check out the “Top Ten Support Solutions” module. Of course, you can always visit the Help pages at your library’s OverDrive-Powered site and explore on your own.


As always, we at OverDrive Support Services are here to offer any additional assistance you may need to assist your patrons!


Justin Noszek is a Support Specialist at OverDrive.

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