Click image to visit the Next Generation library website at Ohio’s CleveNET.

If you’ve been waiting for the process of checking out library eBooks to become simple enough for your grandmother to understand, this is the season to buy her that eReader. OverDrive’s Next Generation platform changes the game for Grandma and everyone else visiting the digital library.


With the Next Generation library websites—now in pilot at CleveNET (Ohio), Prince George’s County Memorial Library System (Mary.) and select locations—it’s easy for new and returning users to search, browse and check out eBooks, audiobooks, music and video. No more device authentication. No more confusion about formats. In fact, with the option to read eBooks in your web browser via OverDrive Read, Grandma won’t need to download any software at all. All she needs is a library card number and a device with a modern web browser. She can bookmark the title and come back right to where she left off—even if she’s not online.


OverDrive will roll out the Next Generation websites for all library partners through the first part of 2013. In addition to One-Step Checkout and OverDrive Read, the completely reimagined library websites incorporate several really great features.

  • Responsive design provides consistent user experience across all devices
  • Simplification of all features reduces the number of clicks
  • Each title bears a simple icon showing format and availability
  • Click the bookmark icon to add a title to your Wish List
  • Predictive search with filtering options


Coming Soon: All-New Content Reserve

Just for librarians, OverDrive has redesigned the Content Reserve collection development portal  to include:

  • Responsive design enables expanded support for multiple operating systems and browsers.
  • Multiple cart ordering
  • A completely refreshed user interface
  • Upgraded speed and usability
  • Improved search, including saved searches and filtered searches

The Content Reserve upgrade will simplify the entire experience for selectors. We’ve come a long way from the early days when librarians selected titles from spreadsheets! It’s truly the Next Generation now, and these new features will save selectors incredible amounts of time and effort. For a preview of the all-new Content Reserve, check out this video.


Cindy Orr is a Library Consultant at OverDrive.


3 Responses to “How Next Generation Changes the Game”

  1. MikiS

    This CLEVNET user would prefer to go back to the old version, if I had a choice.

    • Michael Lovett

      Hi Becky- Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry if we’ve offended you. Another reader pointed out our mistake, and Cindy Orr (who wrote the blog) had this to say:

      You’re absolutely right to question the comment about Grandma, but you and your colleagues are not the only ones in the over 55 age group…so am I! Please believe me that when I said “Grandma” I wasn’t thinking of myself. I should have been more clear that I was referring to my 88-year-old mother-in-law and her generation. And the reason I said Grandma instead of Grandpa is that most of the people that age are women, and most of the readers of that age are women. That said, you’re right that the comment may have sounded sexist and ageist, and that was definitely not my intention. Thanks for pointing it out!


      Best, Mike