Readers are spending 22-percent more time on site and viewing 22-percent more pages at Ohio’s Dayton Public Library.

Next Generation websites are now live in 22 library systems around the world. Just today, we added Minnesota’s Hennepin County Library, Arizona’s Pima County Public Library, and the Ohio eBook Project.


We’re seeing increased reader engagement across the board at all Next Gen libraries. Since the relaunch of Dayton Metro Library, readers are spending 22-percent more time on site, viewing 22-percent more pages. At the Public Library of Cincinnati And Hamilton County (Ohio), which relaunched on Monday, sample excerpts are up 93 percent. The North Carolina Digital Library (Chapel Hill Public Library, Greensboro Public Library, Hickory Public Library) has seen significant increases in page views (15 percent), time on site (18 percent), visits (10 percent), and sample excerpts (35 percent).


We’re encouraged by this early data, and we appreciate all the feedback we’ve been receiving from library partners and readers. Here’s the current list of Next Generation pilot libraries:


Brooklyn Public Library (N.Y.)
Cuyahoga County Public Library (Ohio)
Dayton Metro Library (Ohio)
Hennepin County Library (Minn.)
Los Angeles Public Library
Maryland’s Digital Library
Melbourne Library Service (Australia)
Mid-Continent Public Library (Mo.)
MyDigitalLibrary (Ohio)
My Media Mall (Ill.)
North Carolina Digital Library
OK Virtual Library (Okla.)
Orange County Library System (Fla.)
Pikes Peak Library District (Colo.)
Pima County Public Library (Ariz.)
Pioneer Library System (Okla.)
Prince George’s County Memorial Library System (Md.)
Public Library of Cincinnati And Hamilton County (Ohio)
Rockford Public Library (Ill.)
Tennessee READS
The Ohio eBook Project


Stay tuned for more news as we continue to roll out the Next Generation platform for all library partners through the first part of 2013.


Michael Lovett is Public Relations and Social Media Specialist at OverDrive.


5 Responses to “Reader Engagement Soaring at Next Gen Libraries”

  1. Gary Arrington

    I have seen my local library migrate to the new Next Generation platform and, I’m sorry to say, I’m not impressed.

    You seem to indicate that 22 percent more time browsing and 22 percent more pages opened is a GOOD thing. However, for me, the extra time and page openings is just because the new interface is harder to navigate.

    First of all, it is often difficult to even see the entire title of the book due to the limited space below the cover (13 or 14 spaces and/or characters) and because of the icon in the upper right corner of each cover. Yes, I know you can hover over the cover and see the entire title, but that’s much slower than the old interface.

    Second, using the old interface, I could get a sense of what a book was about right from list…this made browsing very quick. Now, with the new interface, I must click the book (and open a new page) to just see the summary. This causes me to spend more time on the site and open more pages, so I don’t think time-on-site and page openings are valid measurements of improvement for the reader.

    I would suggest some type of survey or poll of actual users (not the librarians) and/or an easy way to provide feedback to Overdrive (it took me some time to get to this site and find the blogs where I could make a comment).

    Thanks for listening…

    Gary Arrington

  2. Cheryl Kotecki

    As a North Carolina Public Library patron, I would like to ask about one aspect of the new format. I use the wishlist to keep track of titles I’m interested in reading. Formerly, I could look at my wishlist and page through the screens and see which titles were on the shelf for me to borrow at a glance. Currently, I am unable to find any setting or any way to see the availability of a title until I select it from the display. I have so many listed, it’s easier for me to take a title that’s available than to work through the hold system. Am I missing something?

    I know help is supposed to be available through the library, but I think this is a question about the interface and I believe OverDrive should provide more information on the new interface at the point where I interact with it.

  3. Cheryl Kotecki

    Oh, there you do have this help under the “welcome to the nexw generation” help file: I will point out, I was unaware you were calling the new interface “next generation” until I poked around on this blog to see if I could find something more helpful than what I could find online. So now I see my request is hidden in the corner of the book. You may delete my comment above, but please, make the help more helpful. The answer to my question should be in a searchable place or FAQ.

  4. Janet Martin

    For my part, I’m spending more time on the pages and site because it takes me longer to access the information I want than it previously did.