In April, we previewed plans for OverDrive API integration with Innovative Interfaces, Inc. (“III”) products. Tomorrow, at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, III will be demonstrating the first prototype of OverDrive’s Content API, which enables users to authenticate, check out and enjoy an eBook or audiobook from the library’s digital collection all without leaving their library’s OPAC. Patrons will also be able to access their OverDrive account information through the prototype as well.


Checkout OverDrive titles through your library’s OPAC

The OverDrive Search & Discovery APIs, which are currently being widely used, improve the visibility of a library’s digital collection by integrating OverDrive services with OPAC and discovery layer systems and making digital holdings available for search, availability and preview/samples.  With the Content API, the user journey to discover and check out eBooks, audiobooks, and other digital media can be completed within the OPAC and discovery layer.


The Content API is available to OverDrive library partners and approved vendors.  To learn how your library can leverage OverDrive APIs for rich integration, please visit our Developer Portal and be sure to stop by the OverDrive (#953) and III (#1827) booths at ALA this weekend to see a demonstration of the new integration.


Adam Sockel is a Marketing Communications Specialist at OverDrive.

7 Responses to “OverDrive and Innovative Interfaces, Inc. unveil full API integration”

  1. Wendy Hicks

    YES! YES! YES!
    ooooooh – just protype 🙁

    Usable with other ILS (other than Innovative)?

    When? When in CANADA?


    • Adam Sockel

      Hi Wendy, we’ll have more news on other ILS companies and details soon!

  2. Kathie Brown

    We use the Polaris ILS and are very interested in check out thorugh our catalog. Hope this will be available for Polaris soon.

  3. Kelly Coulter

    thanks for this information – it’s very exciting. We are currently using OverDrive API’s directly from our website to search the OverDrive catalog and display results on our website.

    Does this announcement mean that the APIs have been changed enough that we as a library could provide checkout using the APIs on our website? Or will this functionality only be available to ILS vendors?

    • Adam Sockel

      HI Kelly, Yes, we are providing our APIs to our library partners and approved vendors. So you (or the ILS vendor or discovery layer vendors) can provide the full search and checkout functionality in your OPAC.