This morning, we are proud to announce that streaming video is coming soon for our library and school partners. This new and exciting way to watch videos will be available later this year with thousands of popular new titles, in addition to the existing video collection previously only available through download.


ALA attendees can preview streaming video and the cross compatibility on virtually any computer or device with a modern browser by visiting the OverDrive booth (953). Much like the OverDrive Read technology, you will soon be able to enjoy a movie from the library right in your browser. With DVD and Blu-ray demand at its highest in libraries, OverDrive streaming video will enable users to access popular movies anytime, anywhere.



OverDrive Marketplace currently offers 15,000 video titles available to libraries and schools in genres such as children’s, instructional, documentaries, comedy and concert specials, and partners can expect many of those to be available in the new streaming format.  OverDrive will continue to add thousands of popular feature film titles in the U.S. and Canada, representing a wide variety of genres including action/adventure, children, comedy, drama and music, among others.


More information about the streaming video catalog is coming soon so be sure to subscribe to the blog for the latest news and be sure to visit OverDrive in booth #953 all weekend at ALA!


Adam Sockel is a Marketing Communications Specialist with OverDrive


16 Responses to “OverDrive to launch Streaming Video Service/ preview at ALA in booth #953”

    • Adam Sockel

      Hi Wendy, check back soon for more announcements on this front!

    • Adam Sockel

      Hi Helen, There is no charge for adding the video format. The library purchases the videos, like they do now, and they’ll be available through streaming, much like OverDrive Read eBooks are available through the browser now.

  1. Sharon Jamieson

    The content for the UK isn’t good enough – I don’t think my buyer has found anything that we would call popular but I like your check back soon comment – it gives me hope!

    • Adam Sockel

      HI Jessica- lending models will vary but there will be some simultaneous as well as some one copy-one user

  2. Karen Beath

    Will feature films be available outside the US and Canada any time soon?

  3. Jerry

    How will this service compare with Indie Flix? Will there be overlap or entirely differenct collection. How will pricing structure be rolled out? Thanks

    • Adam Sockel

      Hi Jerry, I’m not familiar with Indie Flix collection however we currently offer 15,00 titles and will continue to grow. Pricing information will be coming soon.

  4. PJ

    OneDrive seems to be in this for the long run, I will be sure to give the service a test.

  5. Edie Thiel

    Would you also be carrying documentaries by History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and PBS? These would be invaluable to those of us in educational settings. E

    • Adam Sockel

      Hi Edie, Yes, we offer many of these already in our video portion of Marketplace!