Digital libraries are once again setting a record checkout pace

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2016 is off to a torrent start for digital library lending as checkout numbers are up for Q1 (Jan. 1, 2016 – March 31, 2016) based on the activities of 50 top circulating libraries. eBook, audiobook and digital magazine checkouts through OverDrive are on track to grow 30-40 percent for 2016 over the record levels… Read more »

A Few Excellent Reasons to Consider the Simultaneous Use Model

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By Liz Tousey, Librarian and Collection Development Analyst with OverDrive All publishers and titles menitoned in this article are available here. OverDrive’ Simultaneous Use lending model allows you to circulate unlimited copies of a chosen titles or set of titles concurrently, for the length of your selected plan. The length of most plans is one year, but… Read more »

An updated version of the OverDrive app for iOS is now available

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On Sunday, OverDrive released v3.5.2 of our iOS app, which resolves some of the issues that users encountered after upgrading to v3.5 in early February. This new version also includes: Displaying “Part x of y” in the audiobook player (added back based on user feedback) More specific and helpful error messaging, especially for issues with Adobe eBooks… Read more »

Simplify your Collection Development with OverDrive’s Smart List tools

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    By Rachel Kray, Librarian and OverDrive Collection Development Analyst with OverDrive. In response to valuable partner feedback, we have made several enhancements to the Smart Lists tool, which is located on the Automate carts page under the Shop menu. Smart Lists are a helpful tool to automate cart creation for your selection team… Read more »

An update regarding the problems with the recent OverDrive iOS app update

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We released OverDrive v3.5.0 for iOS on Monday, February 1, 2016. Among other things, this updated version of the app resolves long-standing issues related to saving audiobook position and syncing. Unfortunately, it also introduced a new bug that prevented some users from opening or using the app after updating. On Friday, February 5, 2016, we… Read more »

Exciting updates to the OverDrive app and the Read & Listen formats

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OverDrive is working hard to bring you and your readers the best digital reading experience, and we’re excited to share some updates that are coming soon to OverDrive Read, OverDrive Listen, and the OverDrive app. OverDrive Read & OverDrive Listen Updated Menu icon with new icons (like Overview and Search) next to it for quick and easy… Read more »

33 library systems surpass one million checkouts in 2015

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Yesterday we shared the record breaking stats from 2015 as libraries across the world saw circulation increases from their digital collections. Today we’re excited to announce that another record was broke in 2015 as 33 separate library systems across North America circulated over one million digital titles through their OverDrive websites. Of the library systems… Read more »

Readers borrow record-setting number of digital titles from libraries in 2015

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In 2015, readers from around the world continued to recognize the awesomeness of having access to their library anytime, anywhere by borrowing a record 169 million digital titles, a 24% growth over 2014. These numbers included 125 million eBook titles and 43 million audiobooks. Streaming Video titles were also very popular with 83% growth from… Read more »