Mark your calendars for OverDrive’s Training Month 2011… the perfect opportunity to learn what’s new for your OverDrive service, plus get a refresher on the basics.

This program is free to staff members of OverDrive partners. No travel is required; all you need is a computer (with headphones or speakers) to attend.

Our core courses will be available as anytime recordings, plus two new ‘hot topic’ courses will be presented live starting Sept. 12.

Recorded courses: Available anytime (and anywhere!) to help you prepare for Training Month. Listen at your convenience … plus pause, stop and fast forward to suit your learning style. All of our core courses will be available via our Training Center to help you catch up on the basics.

  • Advantage
  • Browse, Check Out, Download
  • Collection Checklist
  • Community Outreach
  • Download Station
  • Mobile Update
  • Patron Assistance
  • Reports

Live courses will be offered Sept. 12 – Oct. 7, hosted by our Training team. These courses will focus on current directions for OverDrive…

  • Meeting the challenges of the eBook explosion
  • Simple steps to connect your customers with digital books

Prizes (really great prizes!) will be awarded to winners of our Download Discovery contest, a trivia contest comprised of questions from each session. Each time you attend a course (live or recorded) you’ll have another chance to enter.

Registration opens July 18. Whether you’re a repeat participant, or this will be your first year … you’re sure to learn something new at OverDrive’s Training Month 2011.

By the way, if you’ve had a good experience in the past, please post a comment to let others know. Bonus: We’ll give you a ‘free’ entry to the 2011 Download Discovery contest if you comment before July 18.

More information on Training Month 2011 will be coming soon.  Stay tuned!

Cassie Renner is a training specialist for OverDrive.

15 Responses to “OverDrive’s Training Month 2011: September 12 – October 7”

  1. Kirsten Corby

    I like all my staff to take the Training Month classes, in order to better serve patrons. I am particularly interested in the Mobile Update this year.

  2. Chip Halvorsen

    How soon will the pre-recorded trainings be available, and how can staff find them? This all sounds great.

    The trainings are always very helpful, even for staff who are already providing expert level support. A refresher is definitely worth the time.

  3. Lucy Lowry

    The Community Outreach program gave us lots of ideas on how to get the word out about our Overdrive site.

  4. Pam McCluskey

    Looking forward to the class. Having much success with our commuter outreach at the Metro-North Train Station from 6am-9am

  5. Scott

    Thank you for having a set time of year for focus on training. If you did not have a “training month”, it would be easy to let training slide, becoming catch-as-catch-can. With a set time, I evaluate training needs for each member of staff and schedule across the month. I know I can fall back on recorded sessions year-round, but I doubt I would be as systematic or thorough. Thanks.

  6. Sharon

    “Training Month” was well worth the investment of my time. I highly recommend that desk staff take the time to attend the training. They are short sessions that pack the WOW of the product. It’s great to empower the desk staff with both knowledge and zest for the products. Patrons appreciate the help in navigating this area!

  7. Amy Neral

    Hubbard Public Library is looking forward to our first year of participating in “Training Month”!

  8. Lori

    I always try to make sure all of my staff has an opportunity–we are the front line staff in answering patron’s questions, and my staff has little exposure to the devices themselves, so I use training to give them some exposure. We’ve done Browse, Checkout, Download two years in a row and staff learns something new each time

  9. Rose

    Will the Training Month courses include introductions to OverDrive WIN? I’ve heard that OverDrive is switching to single formats for ebooks & audiobooks, Kindle support, and dumping Adobe Digital Editions, and I’m excited, but I’m also concerned about learning how to support all of it!

  10. Cassie Renner


    The parts and pieces of OverDrive WIN will be addressed in our two unique live sessions, The 2011 OverDrive Experience and eBook Explosion!

    We are also very excited and will be revamping the training materials to adress these upcoming changes.


  11. Kate Hall

    Thank you for offering this. We have sent many staff to the trainings, but have some new people that will definitely benefit from these webinars.

  12. Candy Mendoza

    This training will be great. We get more and more questions about Overdrive and my knowledge on it is small.

  13. Patti B.

    I’m not part of the consortium but I would like to learn how to use Overdrive so if my patrons have any questions.