Register now for OverDrive’s Training Month 2011 … a perfect opportunity to learn what’s new for your OverDrive service, plus get a refresher on the basics.  This program is free to staff members of OverDrive partners.  No travel is required … all you need is a computer (with headphones or speakers) to attend.

Our core courses will be available as anytime recordings, plus two new ‘hot topic’ courses will be presented live starting September 12th.

Live courses…

  • eBook Explosion!  Tools to help you meet the challenge.
  • 2011 OverDrive Experience:  Sleek, simple … smarter, faster.

You can register at our newly revamped Training Center, now called OverDrive Central: Online Learning Center. Register on behalf of a group or as an individual on the Registration page.

OverDrive Central is divided into four areas…

  • View Now:  Need training right away? View our core courses at your convenience … plus pause, stop and fast forward to suit your learning style.
  • Register:  Register here for live courses hosted by our Training team.  These sessions focus on hot topics and are open to staff members from OverDrive partners.
  • Resources:  Spread the word about your OverDrive service through promotional and educational materials.  All materials are free to our library and school partners.
  • Networking:  Have questions, comments, or feedback? Connect with us and other partners through Facebook, Twitter, and our blog. For more specific questions, you can email us directly.

Prizes (really great prizes!) will be awarded to winners of our Download Discovery raffle, a trivia contest comprised of questions from each session.  Each time you attend a course (live or recorded) you’ll have another chance to enter.

Questions: For questions about Training Month 2011, please read our FAQs.

Whether you’re a repeat participant, or this will be your first year … you’re sure to learn something new at OverDrive’s Training Month 2011. We look forward to meeting with you!

Follow the action of Training Month 2011 on Twitter with the #ODtraining hashtag.

Cassie Renner is a training associate at OverDrive.

8 Responses to “Training Month 2011 – Registration Now Open!”

  1. Jackie Davis

    Hi, Do you know if you are getting the eBook Explosion and 2011 OverDrive Experience sessions approved for LEUs in Indiana? I’ve checked the State Library’s website and they are not listed yet.

    • Cassie Renner

      Hi Jackie,

      Great question! We are currently in the process of re-applying for LEUs, which is why you didn’t see those courses listed. By the time we actually hold those sessions live (starting September 12) we should be approved for LEUs for these new courses.


  2. Meghan Johnson

    Does this mean that you are officially unveiling WIN as you are offering this new class, 2011 OverDrive Experience: Sleek, simple … smarter, faster?

    • Cassie Renner

      Hi Meghan,

      Thanks for your question. We will be talking about certain platform enhancements that are parts and pieces of the OverDrive WIN campaign.

      You’ll be able to hear about these enhancements in both of our live sessions for Training Month.


    • Brianne Carlon

      Hi Joan, at this time, audiobooks return themselves at the end of a lending period. Check back for updates. -Brianne

  3. Joanne Aulenbacher

    I attended a class and had an appointment with a librarian. We cannot seem to download the audio books I select to my Nano ( I pod) I find no directions for this. I need a list of the step by step procedure.