What’s on your Waiting List?

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Welcome back to our monthly posts on ‘Real Time Reports.’ Today we’re focusing on the importance of monitoring your ‘Current Waiting List’ and comparing that information to your ‘Waiting List History’ in Content Reserve. How many of you see titles such as ‘Twilight’, ‘Alex Cross’s Trial’, and many others continue to be on your waitlist?… Read more »

The Patron Activity chart

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Thus far, we’ve learned quite a bit of information on how to utilize Content Reserve Reports, such as how to monitor circulation activity and watch new patron registrations soar through the roof. This month, our focus is on the ‘Patron Activity Chart’, which is the most detailed report of patron borrowing habits. Although we won’t… Read more »

Evaluate your promotional efforts with the ‘Traffic Report’

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Last month, I began a series of entries dedicated to real-time reports in Content Reserve. Not only can these reports help you track circulation, but they can also help monitor your promotional efforts. If you’ve ever wondered how your patrons are accessing your download library, or if your latest website marketing campaign really took off,… Read more »

The Download Discovery Contest winner is…

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Congratulations are in order for our Download Discovery Contest winner, Vickey Long! The Download Discovery Contest was held during OverDrive’s Training Month in September and was open to participating library staff who attended all six courses and answered a series of questions about content learned in the courses correctly. Long, who works in Children’s Services at… Read more »

OverDrive’s 2009 Training Month award winners

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Deb Halinski, Lead Training Specialist for OverDrive, announces 2009 Training Month awards Word on the street is that our library partners went all out this year and participated in more classes than ever during OverDrive’s 2009 Training Month. This was a program of 6 courses, hosted via web conference, which covered every aspect of your… Read more »

Track your download success with real-time reports

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Have you ever wondered about the activity of your download collection with OverDrive: overall checkouts, subject circulation, number of users, etc.?  If so, you’re in luck. This information and more are available online using Content Reserve reports. With more than a dozen useful real-time reports, you can track your library’s or consortium’s circulation and other performance… Read more »

Register now: November’s open Community Outreach training

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Register now for OverDrive’s open Community Outreach training on Thursday, November 5th at 2:00 PM Eastern Time. You are invited to participate in this ongoing training program (first Thursday of every month at 2:00 PM ET) to learn innovative, easy, and cost-effective ways to promote your download service and maximize digital circulation. During the training, we will share dozens of examples, statistics, and… Read more »