The Patron Activity chart

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Thus far, we’ve learned quite a bit of information on how to utilize Content Reserve Reports, such as how to monitor circulation activity and watch new patron registrations soar through the roof. This month, our focus is on the ‘Patron Activity Chart’, which is the most detailed report of patron borrowing habits. Although we won’t… Read more »

Thumbs up for B&N’s nook

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Last month, it was announced that Adobe EPUB and PDF eBooks available from many OverDrive-powered ‘Virtual Branch’ websites are compatible with the Barnes & Noble nook™. After several weeks of bothering our Support Team, I finally got my hands on the nook; one of the most talked about eBook readers recently. I know it’s a little late, but I hope you will be… Read more »

OverDrive Media Console Updates – Android v1.0 & Windows v3.2.0.4

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Have you typed “OverDrive” into Android™ Market search today? Notice anything new? This morning, we went live with OverDrive® Media Console™ for Android v1.0, making our audiobook app for Android available in the Android Market for the first time. Now you and your library users can wirelessly download MP3 audiobooks from your library’s mobile optimized download… Read more »

eBooks and Video were the buzz at ALA Midwinter

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Team OverDrive just returned from ALA Midwinter in Boston. What a great city! It was a pleasure, as always, to meet our library partners. I enjoyed hearing stories about downloading books from the library, answering questions, and also sharing news about what’s coming soon for the OverDrive service. Through my interactions, there are two words that… Read more »

Youth Literary Award Winners

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Some of my best memories as a child are reading books with my mom. No matter how many times we read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, or Heckedy Peg, I still took delight in every page and illustration. So it is this time of year, when the youth literary awards are… Read more »

Fun in Florida and FETC

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Last week, myself and Tom Scott, from the sales team, had the pleasure of representing OverDrive at the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC) in Orlando. We met with hundreds of teachers, media specialists, and school librarians about providing access to the unique power of digital audiobooks and eBooks with two products for K-12 schools, AudioBook Classroom and School Download Library…. Read more »

Help resources for your ‘Virtual Branch’

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Has a patron ever approached you and asked a question about your download service? Have you ever wondered or just simply forgot how to place a title on hold? I bet that some of you are smiling at the truth to those questions and more. OverDrive offers several help resources to assist users and staff… Read more »

2009 Milestones, Statistics, and Most Downloaded Books

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Today we released the 2009 milestones in library downloading. Wow, what a year. Thank you to all of our library partners for making 2009 a record-breaker for library downloads. I won’t reprint the entire press release, but here is a summary of key statistics and milestones: • 401 million website pages viewed by library patrons… Read more »

What Were People Reading 100 Years Ago?

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Has our taste in reading material changed over the last century? Guest blogger Cindy Orr takes a look in her monthly blog post. Let me run a plot line by you and you can see if it sounds like a novel you, or someone you know, might like to read. Okay, here goes: Rich playboy… Read more »