Survey results give insights about your patrons

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Over the last few years, our library partners have experienced significant growth in download audiobook and eBook circulation. OverDrive is actively developing new features to enhance your download service user experience, and figured the best way to do find out what users want, is to ask them – so that’s exactly what we did! In June, we… Read more »

eBooks on the rise: Build your collection and get the word out

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Deb Czarnik, Library Manager for Technical Services and Collection Development for Lee County Library System, discusses the rising popularity of eBooks and the importance of promoting the format alongside its physical counterparts. Most libraries using the OverDrive service have undoubtedly heard about CEO Jeff Bezos’ press release about sales of Kindle eBooks reaching a… Read more »

The best books of the year… so far

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Without fail, James Patterson and Nora Roberts will write several books a year, and it’s no surprise when they instantaneously catapult to the top of best-seller lists. Sure they pen entertaining titles, but their consistent popularity is most likely due to author notoriety. To me, the best titles are the unexpected ones, the books that are… Read more »

Hot July audiobook sales: Get them while they last

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July is hot with audiobook sales from Books on Tape & Brilliance Audio. More than 400 popular adult, YA, and juvenile titles are available at these special prices: Books on Tape & Listening Library Premier 30% Off Summer Sale: Fill your digital shelves with Books on Tape’s best-selling authors, such as Patricia Cornwell, Bill Bryson, Clive Cussler,… Read more »

New Data for Publishers: OverDrive White Paper

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In June OverDrive released its first White Paper, designed to share information and new data with our publisher partners and entitled, “How eBook Catalogs at Public Libraries Drive Publishers’ Book Sales and Profits.” Documenting the growing significance of eBook catalogs at library websites, the White Paper also clarifies how OverDrive’s library platform and distribution model… Read more »

OverDrive’s Training Month registration is now open

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Deb Halinski, Lead Training Specialist for OverDrive, invites you to register for OverDrive’s Training Month, our annual month-long training event.   Want to learn more about your library’s OverDrive service or get an update about new features?  Well, look no further than OverDrive’s Training Month.  Registration for our fourth annual Training Month is now open on… Read more »

Literary mash-ups: Gimmick or new literary criticism?

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We’ve all seen the very visual covers of the trendy literary mash-ups all over libraries and bookstores alike.  But are the titles short-lived gimmicks or are they a new way of literary criticism?  This blogger is all for writers using this formula as their own way of interpreting Austen, Tolstoy, and Shakespeare for literary criticism or just… Read more »