Pulp crime novels still popular reads

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The ladies are loose, the men are scoundrels and someone almost always gets snuffed in a high intensity gunfight. What’s not to love? It’s been more than 60 years but the pulp crime genre that permeated the 1930s and 40s is still going strong. Thanks to SRS Internet Publishing and Gate Way Publishers you can… Read more »

Celebrate Memorial Day with an eBook

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For most of us, Memorial Day is a day off from work or school and marks the beginning of the summer vacation season.  But the holiday, celebrated on the last Monday of May, is a day to commemorate U.S. soldiers. Originally called Decoration Day, the holiday was first observed in 1868 to honor Civil War… Read more »

OverDrive Apps Update: Android, Blackberry, & iPhone/ iPad v2.3

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In the ongoing process of improving user experience, OverDrive is releasing the latest updates for OverDrive Media Console’s mobile applications.  While the overall process remains the same, the new updates will continue to streamline the applications’ usability.  Users will now be able to return EPUB eBooks on all three mobile platforms and first time users… Read more »

Hot title: Michael Scott’s THE WARLOCK

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When we last left twins Sophie and Josh Newman, they were parting ways: Sophie with Nicholas Flamel, his wife, and Niten, an immortal Japanese swordsman, and Josh with villain Dr. John Dee and his accomplice Virginia Dare. Their separation could bring disaster…maybe even the end! In The Warlock eBook, Sophie is searching for an immortal… Read more »

Make a Difference: THE ENOUGH MOMENT

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When bad news comes on the television or your friend brings up sad reports from overseas, do you change the channel or tune out? Are you tired of hearing sad, depressing news from a place you will never go or see? While it’s understandable, those who are living amongst the war, poverty, and genocide don’t… Read more »

Review: ViewSonic G Tablet, decent device at a decent price

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If you have been waiting for a bargain tablet, the ViewSonic G Tablet may be it. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first but found myself enjoying the reading experience in OverDrive Media Console Mobile for Android.  I digitally flipped through a few chapters of Harlan Coben’s Live Wire the other… Read more »

Tips for maximizing sales available at BEA

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As the global leader in digital book distribution, we are consistently asked one question: “How can I improve my sales?” Well we’ve got good news—OverDrive has created an easy-to-use guide with best practices and promotional opportunities for doing just that. We will spell out what we are doing to get your content in front of buyers,… Read more »