Back to School: An OverDrive Lesson Plan

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School buses and crossing guards.  The sounds of lockers slamming and school bells ringing.  Perhaps an apple sitting on a teacher’s desk.  Make no mistake about it, school is back in session.  These days most of the chalk boards and projectors have been replaced with Interactive White Boards, and, in some cases, those heavy book… Read more »

New OverDrive publisher partners – August 2011

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Hello library ladies and gents! It gives me great pleasure to announce to you the 20 new publishers OverDrive has partnered with this month. But, please, keep in mind that these publishers don’t necessarily have their content available just yet, so be sure to check the marketplace periodically for the most up-to-date information. Scholastic Inc…. Read more »

Famous Voices: Celebrity Audiobook Narrators

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Download a few audiobooks and there’s a good chance you might hear familiar voices through your headphones. Whether they are telling stories of their own or using their vocal performance talents to share the works of others, well-known actors, actresses, and comedians can add an interesting twist to enjoying many audiobook titles. There is literally… Read more »

New Publishers: ALA Editions & Information Today

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OverDrive’s academic catalog grows even more robust as titles from the publishing imprint of the American Library Association, ALA Editions, and Information Today are added. ALA Editions offers more than 75 unique eBooks that cover a slew of current topics relevant to all types of library institutions. Hone your library skills with titles discussing literature… Read more »

New OverDrive publisher partners – August 2011

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What a summer it has been. It seems oddly appropriate, however terribly unfortunate, that a ground-shaking earthquake and a torrential hurricane would come speeding through our lives, providing a rather ironic dénouement to the month of August. Anyhow, we’re obviously not here to discuss the weather, but to announce the 20 new publishers that we’ve… Read more »

Welcome new OverDrive partners – August 2011

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Congratulations to the new partners that went live with an OverDrive digital collection in August! This month, we have launched more school and college libraries in one month than ever before – of our 43 new partners, 24 are educational institutions. What a perfect way to kick off the back-to-school season! Click on any link to be… Read more »