Resolve to be Healthy: Exercise eBooks

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We don’t know about everyone else out there, but in the Sockel household, holidays equal food bingeing. There are desserts, stuffing and breads of all kinds to be eaten. Basically, if it’s a carb, we indulge on it during the holiday season. While we wish the joy and cheer would stay all year round, one… Read more »

eBooks for finding poetry

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When I was 14, in the midst of my teenage angst, I kept a journal. I was painfully shy back then and had a really hard time with the whole bonding with other teenage girls thing. I thought if I acted cool and aloof on the outside and kept all of the sad thoughts inside… Read more »

Device Review: Kindle Fire blazes onto the scene

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My first impressions of the Kindle Fire were for the most part positive. My initial reaction was that this was a super sweet toy. I was almost over-excited to get it in my hands; the day it arrived at the office was like Christmas morning to me. I’m not entirely sure if it was because… Read more »

Retro Read eBooks: The Blog Before Christmas

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‘Twas the blog before Christmas, and all through OverDrive, ugly sweaters were displayed with unwitting pride. The Retro Read Blog Post would not write itself, I needed a miracle, a title from an elf? Holiday titles had already been listed, perhaps I could “wrap” on the same, just re-gifted! Check out our sale titles or… Read more »

2011 wrap up: Plus a 2012 preview

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Cindy Orr takes a look back—and forward—in her monthly column: This is the time of year for looking back on where we’ve been and wondering about what the New Year will hold. My guess is that most of us, if asked to think of significant events in the digital world over the past year, would… Read more »

eBook holiday recipes for a happy table

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There was a period of my life where I refused to eat things that were orange, simply because I found the color offensive. I also wouldn’t eat mashed potatoes because I convinced myself they were potato brains.  So, yes, I was that picky eater. Luckily, sweet little Nan, my cute loving grandmother, worked around my… Read more »

Holiday eBooks for everyone!

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The holiday season is upon us and brings with it a sense of fellowship, thanksgiving, communion, benevolence and, of course, shiny wrapped boxes. Undoubtedly many of these boxes will be housing brand new eReader devices, a gift that is projected to be a hot commodity globally by several consumer reporting agencies (as well as in… Read more »

WIN Affiliates: Buy-It-Now feature creates sell-through from public libraries

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OverDrive constantly strives to provide our publisher partners more reach to promote and sell eBook and digital content. To maximize sell-through of your content, we have created WIN Affiliates, a major enhancement for library ‘Virtual Branch’ websites in the OverDrive network. The Affiliate program is the latest in the series of WIN initiatives for our… Read more »