Training Month To Feature Learning Modules

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The big show is almost here! Training Month 2012 begins Sept. 5, which makes this tech week, and means I can finally focus on the most important thing: what I’m going to wear!   While we can’t wait to raise the curtain on our “Next Generation Digital Library” live training sessions, we’re also excited to… Read more »

Monthly Marketing Idea: Engage Students With Your Collection

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A bell rings through the halls, reminding students to get to class. Lockers slam shut as students power-walk through the halls. There’s no mistaking this familiar scene. School is back in session around the world, and students are once again opening their (e)books and pulling out their laptops and devices.   Earlier this week, Bailey… Read more »

Save the Date for Digipalooza 2013

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As we near the end of summer, here at OverDrive we’re reflecting on where we were this time last year. Ah, summer 2011. A time before Kindle compatibility for our U.S. libraries, before Harry Potter eBooks were even a glimmer in our eye and a summer before anyone had ever heard “Call Me Maybe.”  … Read more »

Win Prizes During Training Month 2012

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You know what I love? Prizes. I never win anything, though, not even the telescope I desperately wanted when I was selling Girl Scout cookies. But truthfully, I was kind of a lazy Girl Scout. My grandmother bought three boxes of cookies—my only sale.   With Training Month 2012 fast approaching, you’ll soon have opportunities to… Read more »

Young Readers Embrace eBooks

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Using eReaders helps young readers develop healthy reading habits, say researchers at Texas’ Southern Methodist University. According to the study “Reluctant Readers in Middle School: Successful Engagement with Text Using the E-Reader,” published in the International Journal of Applied Science and Technology, middle school boys rated reading more valuable as an activity after two months… Read more »

OverDrive’s School eBook Platform Gets an Upgrade

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We have completely renovated our eBook lending platform for schools. Coming this fall to desktop computers, with mobile devices soon to follow, the new user interface will engage students with a crisp, colorful design that incorporates familiar elements of school life. Students will enjoy simplified browsing and checkout processes as well as unrivaled device compatibility…. Read more »

Districts Add eBooks One School at a Time

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Extending OverDrive’s eBook lending service across an entire school district is a great way to maximize student access to eBooks and audiobooks by allowing multiple schools to access a shared collection. But some districts are taking a more gradual approach, launching their OverDrive service with a single school and later expanding to the entire district…. Read more »

How To Help Patrons Resolve OverDrive Support Questions

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As part of our service for libraries, OverDrive offers training resources, comprehensive Help pages and access to top-notch Support Specialists to help you assist patrons who have technical questions about your library’s digital collection.   During Training Month (Sept. 5 to 28), we’ll be offering a number of programs designed to help you get the… Read more »