Content to help you keep representation in your classroom

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As we’ve discussed previously, it’s essential to have proper representation in the content you make available to your students. There has been a big movement in the young adult community called #WeNeedDiverseBooks dedicated to pushing books with characters and plots that feature diverse backgrounds. By providing your young readers titles with protagonists with differing ethnic,… Read more »

Reviewing Margaret Atwood’s spectacular Tempest re-imaginging, Hag-seed

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By: Kristin Milks, OverDrive Collection Development Analyst O, brave new world that has such people in it! -William Shakespeare, The Tempest Oh brave Margaret Atwood who takes such a gorgeous play underfoot (or pen if you prefer)! The Hogarth Shakespeare series continues on with the Canadian writer Margaret Atwood who sets out to rediscover The… Read more »

11 classic book quotes that prove the importance of reading banned books

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By: Adam Sockel, OverDrive Social Media Specialist Being a library company we fervently believe in the importance of Banned Books Week. Regardless of whether you agree with the information presented in a particular book it’s essential that the information be made available for readers to discover and discuss. Books being challenged is nothing new so we… Read more »

Magnifying the Mystery Genre with BISAC

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By: Annie Suhy, OverDrive Collection Development Specialist Recently, the OverDrive Collection Development Librarians had stars in their eyes and butterflies in their stomachs when they pulled together a bouquet of romance-focused lists using the new BISAC codes in Marketplace. This month, our Staff Librarians team up with BISAC once again, but this time, with a… Read more »

Integrating OverDrive with other Classroom Apps

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By: Christina Samek, Marketing Specialist. Integrating technology into the classroom is a shared goal among educators. What once was a lofty task—considering the nuances of early technology—is much simpler. Now, educators are tasked with weighing what feels like thousands of options and determining the best fit for their school community. But how do you evaluate… Read more »