20 things to do in a blanket fort

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Cooler temperatures make this the perfect time to revisit a favorite childhood project: the blanket fort. Whether you use your dining room table, sofa cushions, high back chairs, or something more elaborate, try these 20 suggestions once settled in your fuzzy igloo. 1. Eat one last slice of pie   2. Study   3. Actively avoid studying  … Read more »

Best Books of 2016

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By: Rachel Kray, OverDrive Collection Development Specialist. Whatever your personal reading preference may be, I think everyone can agree that 2016 was a great year for books. Let’s take a moment to reflect on The Best Books of 2016, the past year’s most influential, prominent and beloved titles before we celebrate and start reading in 2017…. Read more »

Top 5 tips for building a dynamic digital Spanish collection

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By: Melissa Marin, OverDrive Marketing Specialist Do you offer Spanish language content in your OverDrive collection? Our recent live special webcast, Building a Dynamic Digital Spanish Collection, highlighted our strong and growing catalog of over 55,000 Spanish language titles available for purchase in OverDrive Marketplace and shared some tips for how to make the most… Read more »

20 ways to show gratitude this holiday season

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By: Nikka Hronis, Account Specialist. Anyone who has ever received a sincere ‘thank you’ knows how meaningful and memorable a genuine expression of gratitude can be. With the pace and distractions of daily life, it is easy to get caught up in a whirlwind mentality revolving around to-do lists, responsibilities, and stress, and we forget… Read more »