Lists perfect for helping users keep their New Year Resolutions

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By: Kristin Milks, OverDrive Collection Development Analyst It’s about that time of year to create a New Year’s resolution you won’t keep! So what is it? The perpetual losing weight res.? Getting organized? Becoming financially stable? Maybe some sort of work/career goals? Be a better [insert noun here] (ex. parent, partner, friend, etc.)? Meh. I… Read more »

The OverDrive Collection Development Elves’ Most Requested End of the Year Lists

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By: Annie Suhy, Collection Development Analyst. Consumers aren’t the only ones swiping their credit cards this holiday season. As librarians, you’re shopping too, but instead of Hatchimals and LED TVs, it’s books. You’re loading up on digital content in preparation for the holiday rush, which descends upon the library just after the Christmas holiday. Happy… Read more »

Books to celebrate holidays around the world

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By: Bethany Porter, Collections Analyst. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. It is not, however, celebrated by everyone. I found about a dozen holidays around the world during December, January, and February that are just as exciting. Here are a few of the major ones that you can share with your classroom, children, and families,… Read more »

Books Just for You: Gift Guides for the Holidays and Beyond

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By: Karen Estrovich, Director of Collection Development Who doesn’t like a good gift guide? I am certified shopaholic and I cannot get enough of them. Thanks to all the retailers hitting me hard with the options including guides on ‘the one who has everything’, we were inspired to do the same for readers. Oh yes,… Read more »