Books for our favorite 5 fall days and moods

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By: Sydney Kalnay, Training Specialist. It’s not a secret to anyone who knows me that fall is my favorite season. It’s ironic that I live where fall exists only in a finite, miniscule window between SPF 9,000 and shoveling for dear life so I have to pack as much leaf crunching, apple spicing, and light… Read more »

Uncover The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett now that Big Library Read is live

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By: Adam Sockel, Marketing Communications Specialist Hawthorn was enjoying a standard, if mundane, teenage life when the disappearance of Lizzie Lovett turned her life upside down. At first, Hawthorn doesn’t get why everyone is so hung up on a former popular girl gone missing but as the story unfolds, she begins to intertwine her life with… Read more »

Getting the most out of your OverDrive reading history

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By: Adam Sockel, Marketing Communications Specialist Last week, we released an exciting update to our digital library websites that gives users access to their reading history. Often requested by libraries and patrons, the history allows users to track what they’ve read so they can make decisions about what to borrow next. For example, readers can see which… Read more »

Evolution of edtech

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By: Andrea Sieracki, Account Specialist. With concerns about screen time and teen tech addiction, technology gets a bad rap, even in the classroom. Take the long view, however, and it’s clear that technology is nothing new in education. Teachers have used tools for instruction since early humans were painting on cave walls. We’ve compiled am… Read more »

More access and equity with a Shared eBook collection

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Equity of access is always a top concern for districts and schools across the country, and particularly for the Connect Information Technology Center. Connect provides resources to more than 90 districts and schools across Northeast Ohio. This runs the gamut from well-funded privates to large and small publics and parochials. “They’re so diverse, and their needs are… Read more »