Connecting your physical and digital collections

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When we launched our eReading Rooms for Kids and Teens several years ago, the idea was simple. We wanted to create a safe, digital space where young readers could find age-appropriate titles, giving parents peace of mind. Kids could search through the website and parents never need to worry about them stumbling across adult titles or scandalous… Read more »

Webcast: Market digital books to kids and teens in your community

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By: Briana Johnson-Sims, OverDrive Training Specialist Digital learning technology is proven to help students study, focus, and get better grades. Your digital library has an important role to play in student success, and Team OverDrive is here to help you with our newest special webcast, Marketing Digital Books to Kids & Teens. Join us on… Read more »

If pups could read: Their Favorite Titles In Commemoration of the Year of the Dog

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By: Winnie Li, Business Development Executive   (Ed. Note: I can confirm all of these animals are very good doggos and their recommendations can definitely be trusted.) Peoples’ infatuation with dogs has been going on for 15,000 years. We are celebrating our beloved friends in 2018: The Year of the Dog. Much to our surprise,… Read more »

At OverDrive, the romance (sale) is in the air.

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By: Ryan Chamberlain, Publisher Account Specialist February is a troubling month. We do strange things for it. The highest-fi equipment and NYC-based reporters travel to a campsite in Punxsutawney to bear analytical witness as a dirt-dwelling animal walks around under a rumored sun. Candygrams are given to classmates at algorithmically-derived remoteness to the intended Valentine…. Read more »

New year, new training webcasts

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By: Courtney Sveda, Training Specialist Here at OverDrive, we love to innovate. We continually update our products with new features and improvements, and our monthly library webcasts are no exception. The Training team wants to ensure our live sessions meet your needs when it comes to learning about your OverDrive service, which is why our… Read more »

What we’re reading for Black History Month

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By: Adam Sockel, Marketing & Communications Specialist and co-host of the Professional Book Nerds podcast. I grew up a fortunate reader. Though my family was not wealthy, my parents always had the means to provide as many books as I could read. Library and bookstore trips were not special occasions. They were weekly staples. I… Read more »

The Digital Bookmobile Hits the Road in 2018

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By: Lauren Bajda, Digital Media Events Specialists Ed. Note: this blog was originally posted on the Digital Bookmobile’s blog. Follow along for frequent events and tour updates. The Digital Bookmobile is geared up and ready to hit the road in 2018! After taking a two month break this winter, the Digital Bookmobile (and its staff)… Read more »

A Picture is worth a thousand words, Instagram how-tos

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By: Abbie Frank, OverDrive Outreach Specialist  Each day, 1.2 billion people around the world use social media and two million advertisers utilize these sites to market their brand. Instagram alone has 500 million active monthly users. For beginners, posting on complex platforms like Instagram can get quite confusing and frustrating at times. Do NOT fret;… Read more »