We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Advantage Plus options available in OverDrive Marketplace. New options include the ability for Advantage members to share titles with the consortium while maintaining wait list priority for their users, and more flexibility over which titles are shared or moved to the shared collection.

advantage plusWe’ve expanded Advantage Plus in OverDrive Marketplace with two distinct options:

Share titles (New): All titles purchased by Advantage members and shared with the consortium can be borrowed by users of any member library. The Advantage member’s users will move to the top of wait lists for Advantage-purchased copies, and the Advantage member maintains ownership.
Move titles (Original): Titles purchased by Advantage members will move to the shared collection and ownership will transfer to the consortium. This provides equal access to the title for users of any member library.

To learn more about how Advantage Plus can provide your library with greater customization options and increase the value of your digital collection, you can watch this on demand training webcast. If you have any questions about using Advantage Plus or how to get started, simply contact your OverDrive Collection Development Specialist.

4 Responses to “Advantage Plus provides flexible collection options for consortium libraries”

  1. Diane Levin

    For the new option, does an advantage library have to share all of it’s titles with the consortium if it chooses this option or can the decision be made on a title by title basis?

    • Adam Sockel

      Hi Diane- You can choose select which titles are shared.

  2. Ana Romero

    How are holds managed? Will Advantage members move to the top automatically or will the need to be moved manually? Do libraries opt-in to this option?

    • Adam Sockel

      Hi Ana, the Advantage library user will be placed ahead of other library users automatically. Advantage Plus is Opt-in, yes. You can sign up by contacting your Collection Development Specialist.