How many times have you seen your patrons check out twenty plus books at a time from your library? More than likely, those readers don’t read every book in the three-week lending period. Chances are they are simply sampling most of them.

Now OverDrive is replicating this experience online by adding thousands of in-copyright eBook records with free “eBook Samples” for immediate access on reading devices and platforms. Customers can experience stories immediately on their computer or mobile device and decide if they are right for them, ultimately reducing holds and wait lists.

When available, the word “Sample” will appear below a jacket. Curious customers can easily click and enjoy 10 percent of each title before deciding to check it out or not.

Samples can be accessed from a search results page:

Or from a details page:

The eBook sample will show up in readers’ bookshelf and look just like a regular eBook download. With thousands of popular and bestselling titles to choose from, eBook samples will reinforce the library as the first stop for discovering and enjoying books, both online and off.

To try the eBook samples, visit your library website or take a look at Los Angeles Public Library‘s ‘Virtual Branch.’

Brianne Carlon is a public relations specialist at OverDrive.


3 Responses to “eBook samples give customers instant access to content”

  1. Marion

    I think you need to point out that the samples are not necessarily available in the format the patron needs. For example, I saw there was a sample for 1st to Die by James Patterson in our consortium’s website. The book is available in epub, Kindle, and PDF, however the sample only seems to be available for epub. If someone wants a Kindle sample, they’ll have to go directly to Amazon’s site and request it rather than being able to get it through Overdrive. And if for some reason they need PDF they won’t be able to get a sample at all.

  2. Dorreen

    I had a patron today who has been using audio books
    they were unhappy with the samples. They said most of the samples they had tried were just the publishing,copy right, and other information at the front of the book. There was little actual content heard on the sample.

  3. Brianne Carlon

    We apologize for your experience. We are aware that several samples are not providing story text within the 10% of the book that we are allowed to highlight. Please be assured that we are continuing to work on improving the process and algorithm to provide more text in the eBook samples.