Monthly Marketing Idea: Spread the word with a press release

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When launching your digital collection, it’s important to get the word out and start marketing. We’ve shared many promotional ideas in the past about using print materials, events and social media to help raise awareness about your eBooks. But one of the simplest and most cost effective marketing tools is a press release. For public… Read more »

Introducing OverDrive’s all-new, mobile-friendly Learning Center

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We are excited to announce that OverDrive’s Learning Center has a new look to make it even easier for you and your staff to get the training you need as it best fits your schedule. Courses are now grouped into expandable category menus: Hot Topics, Collection Development, Digital Library Website, Products and Services, Resources, and… Read more »

Test Drive your way to new technology

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Since the iPad’s introduction, and the rise of Android’s star, tablets have become ubiquitous. In the early days, the technology was a little intimidating for first-timers, but with the spread of tablets, smartphones, and even hybrid laptops, tablets are a little more David, and a lot less Goliath. The library sphere, as it expands further… Read more »

Penguin eBooks are now downloadable for Kindle without USB

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As previously announced, the USB side-loading requirement for Penguin eBooks on Kindle devices has been lifted. Today, we are pleased to inform our partners and end-users that direct downloads of Penguin eBooks in Kindle format for U.S. library accounts are now standard. This means that these titles will have the same ease of use as… Read more »

Podcast: New and featured content for January

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Our collection highlights podcast for January is now available on OverDrive’s Learning Center. Tune in to this latest edition of our monthly podcast series for details about new content that’s available for purchase in OverDrive Marketplace, as well as news about publishers who will be joining Marketplace soon. In this month’s podcast, we also take… Read more »