On Wednesday, September 21st OverDrive announced Amazon® Kindle compatibility for our U.S. library partners.  Since that time, every U.S. partner’s site has gone live with the new service and a video explaining how the process works has been released.

Now that our library partners are live with Kindle and are growing comfortable with the simple process, the next step is finding ways to inform your patrons.  Well, we’ve thought of that as well.  A Kindle Marketing Kit has been created to provide you with flyers, posters, web graphics and a press release.  Please feel free to use these materials both within the library and around your community to inform your patrons that library books for Kindle have arrived.

As a reminder, for additional marketing and outreach ideas you can always contact librarypartnerservices@overdrive.com.

Adam Sockel is a marketing and outreach associate at OverDrive.

2 Responses to “The Kindle Marketing Kit: Get the word out!”

  1. Marion

    Can you say when you’ll have a new publicity piece showing a lot of different devices, including the Kindle? My director doesn’t want to use these Kindle-only signs because it looks like we’re promoting one device over another. I’m simply sticking a label on our existing sign to say Kindles can be used also. The sign we are using says v1.1.2011 Exp. 1.31.2011. “Library Compatible eBook Devices”

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hi Marion, the pieces provided have a “fan” of the other devices at the bottom with the message that the Kindle is in addition to these other devices. Marketing pieces going forward will highlight all devices, as well. -Brianne